Fire Extinguishers

We have seen a lot of property loss and terrible casualties from fires that occur all the time. In order to prevent such accidents from reoccurring, FireFox company has been focusing on the manufacture of fire extinguishers by combining the technical advice

of the Korea Chemical Research Institute and the know-how of building automation systems through the design and manufacture of manufacturing facilities accumulated over the past 4 years.


An introduction video:

Products Types:

Liquid product overview:

  • 01

    For early fire suppression, products are applied with chemical methods to block fire combustion

  • 02

    Penetrates deep into combustibles to block the softening of the fire.

  • 03

    Non-toxic, harmless to human body, no environmental pollution.

  • 04

    Excellent performance for Class A general fire, Class B oil fire, and Class K cooking oil (kitchen fire).

  • 05

    In case of commercial powder fire extinguishers: K-class cooking oil fire does not extinguish.

Class A: General fire

Class B: Oil fire

Class K: Can be applied to fire on edible items, curtain, waste basket, cushion and oil as well as on tires

Differentiation of competing products:

  • Acquired eco-friendly certification
  • Cooling, suffocation and penetration are superior to other products
  • Surface tension fire standard: 33 mN/m
  • Our product: 17.9 mN/m
  • Double The Performance of digestion

Powder/Liquid Features:

(item) Powder fire extinguisher Liquid fire extinguisher
Product status
  • solidified in powder form
  • Shake when using
  • always in liquid form
  • Ready to use
Weight comparison
  • About 3 kg or more (heavy)
  • About 1 kg or less (light)
How to use
  • Inconvenient to use (inconvenient to operate)
  • Remove safety pin->Hose operation->Spray
  • Easy to use (no operation)
  • Direct one-touch and throw available
Storage Disposal
  • Difficult to find a storage place (left corner/back side
  • Powder secondary damage (cleaning and disposal)
  • Wall mountable, shelf storage, portable
  • No secondary damage with liquid (no cleaning required, no disposal) team
Reaction time
  • at least 1 minute
  • at least 7 seconds
Human environment
  • Concerns about diseases such as shortness of breath
  • No worries about disease as it is harmless to human body
  • Use of early fires in buildings, etc.
  • Use of early fire and residual fire treatment

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Keep place (General use):


Keep place (Military use):


Quality Management:

We care very much about the quality of our products and we assure them to achieve the highest standards of safety and guarantee their effectiveness.

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We attach to you all the approved certificates that prove our excellence and our focus on the manufacture of high quality products.

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